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The web has allowed millions of people to view adult content for free online since the early 2000s. This content was mostly videos posted on the Internet featuring actors from porn movies. Over the years we have noticed that amateur porn movies have gradually appeared on the web. Voyeur Internet users increasingly prefer amateur sex movies for adults. With the arrival of broadband on the web, live sex scenes are appearing thanks to what are called cam sex.

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What is a cam sex?

A cam sex is an online sex show performed through a webcam connected to the Internet. A person films themselves and broadcasts the filmed content live on the web. The camsex takes place live and allows spectators to view the show online at the same time. The term cam sex simply means that it is a camera offering live sex.

Where to find sex cams?

Cam sex is broadcast exclusively on the Internet. The only place to find a sexcam show is on the web. A camsex is by definition a live show and takes place online. There are websites that list thousands of web cam sex connected to the web. Xcams is one of the main platforms offering a listing of hundreds of connected sex webcams. On xcams.com you can find hundreds of women offering sex cam service. The search engine allows you to make a selection according to your tastes and your desires for online dating.

How does live camsex work?

The show of a camsex takes place in several stages in the following order:

Choice of your partner

First you need to choose a partner for your live sex cam session. Thanks to the filter criteria you can find among the hundreds of sex cams listed the one you like.

Getting in touch

The first contact with a camgirl is made through the online sex chat. This free chat allows you to exchange with the woman chosen by message to determine if your sexual pleasures will be satisfied through the show offered on the webcam.

Live sex show

When you're ready, the sex show starts live streaming. You enjoy a live xcam show in the privacy of the bedroom of a woman who gives herself sexual pleasure. During the show, you can intervene and request certain changes in the scenario chosen for an optimal course of live sex. In general, the show lasts a few intense minutes of cam sex.

Warning: Platforms such as xcams.com, which reference cam sex listings, only offer online services. It is not possible to meet a woman through this sex cam service.

How much to pay for live camsex?

Actresses offering cam sex display a price based on their popularity and experience. Prices are offered per minute and vary between 3 euros and 15 euros per minute of live sex cam. It may seem expensive but nothing replaces a live amateur sex show. A camgirl can't put on that kind of show 8 hours a day without being exhausted. So the rare sexual moments offered in live streaming during the day are offered at a high average price if we relate this income to the past hour.

It is also important to bear in mind that most of the time spent in front of the webcam is not billed by the camgirls. Indeed, when they wait for a person to offer them a paid session, these webcam sex professionals wait naked behind their computer for free.

How to see a free live sex cam?

Some live cam sex websites offer free access to live camsex content. For example on xcams.com you can obtain, as soon as you register, free credits to use with all the women in webcam offered by Xcams. Other online platforms also offer to connect to a live webcam without paying. The girls who offer a live porn show are remunerated by tips accepted by customers who take advantage of the free show.