PRIVATE chat - talk, dirty talk, tease (dressed), seductive dance, blowjob with toy. VIP chat - striptease, toys, show, fetish. In Free Chat 10 Credits tip (Virtual Gift) for a flash - tits, ass or feet. I am Francesca, a curvaceous woman with optimistic thoughts, endless desires, hot sins, red hair and strong legs. A soft and sensual dominant classy lady. Mostly I am into fetishes, but also I taste some vanilla flavors too, some hot vanilla cups actually, depends on my mood and how much You stimulate me. A realistic dreamer. At first sight, It might sound like an antithesis, but watching deeper, It gives life to words. I know what I am capable of, I know what I am willing to do and I have the certitude that my soul will always make the right choices. The Hope, The Intuition, The Feelings and The Action represent The Engine that guides my steps in life and brings me to the light. I write. I write about beginnings and endings, about red dresses, pink thoughts, blue balls and grey days. About my daily banalities, the cliche of mediocrity and the fascination for The Great Eagle. I have an unquenchable passion for words, I never underestimate their power, and I have the conviction that The Art of Words is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to humanity. I am in love with The Glorious Sunset (I am an opacarophile), with life, with white chocolate, and with generous, polite and patient men and women who give me the time I need to reach The Climax through a sensual foreplay.

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