FIRST OF ALL I LIKE WHEN WE TALK IN PRIVATE AND DO MANY OTHER THINGS AS WELL THERE TOO.I love it when you surround me with surprises to surprise me such as beautiful virtual gifts showing in this way that you honour and cherish me so much.Thank you people because we are on the same vibe!Please keep in mind that once you are in my room I will not let you to command me or give orders and be bossy.This is because I feel as any other human being even through the webcam,I have feelings and emotions and like to make that connection and vibe between us to be intense.Remember that this is my room and my rules as well and once you start giving silly orders ( instead of precious gifts in different forms that it is shown as roses ,perfumes etc) you will be sure that you ruin everything between us. Because we all wanna make and feel it in a wonderful intense way the time spent together.I am not an artificial intelligence ( a machinery of making sex) but I can assure you that if you are a smart, elevated, intelligent, elegant with manners ,educated man, we ll have a wonderful excited experience together.

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